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Choosing a Home Security Camera System

Have you been looking for the best and most efficient home security camera system?

This review provides in-depth updates on the current trend in home security camera system.

The analysis has executed a deep dive approach to execute a thorough research and trying to come up with the best and factual information for you. Whether within the home or office. You need to ensure the safety of your property.

Home Security Camera SystemIn regards to this, getting the right system is paramount in ensuring the best safety and here are the best home security system reviews that can guide you.

Role of Security Cameras

Security cameras are ideal for checking unlawful activities for both indoors and outdoor surveillance. Apart from supervising the movements and actions of employees, the cameras also become of great help to the police in investigating crime scenes such as burglary, trespass, and mob attack.

Therefore, need to install the most suitable and a perfect camera that would give quality and clear footage.

Currently, there are twelve varieties of camera systems that are popular for surveillance purposes.

The 12 Home Security Camera System Discussed here include;

  • Dome
  • Bullet
  • Outdoor
  • Convert
  • Infrared (Night Vision)
  • Discreet
  • Wireless
  • Network
  • PTZ (speed domes and HD cameras)
  • Day and Night types

These cameras are the best in giving you a clue of how your office or the house was while you were away. They are also the best for spy activities and supervision.

Important Features of the Best Home Security Camera System

The question on the possibility of stopping a crime entirely using security camera is one of the most asked questions from consumers.

The truth is that we cannot virtually stop crime from happening completely, but rather, through the use of the security cameras, you can easily track the crimes for ease of conducting investigations.

However, it is ideal to consider the best security camera for the best quality footage. In an attempt to source for the best camera system, you need to consider the following features.

High Definition Resolution

HD cameras are known for the quality output!

These are the best compared to the standard cameras when it comes to resolution. To obtain the detailed records for arresting the culprits, the footage should be as clear as possible. Therefore, it is an important decision to opt for a camera with a higher resolution, and that is the High Definition cams.

DVR Hard Drive for Recording

The latest DVR is the best in the current trend in home security and surveillance. The hard drive has a powerful and intelligent recording option that can ease and pinpoint the exact footage of an event seamlessly.

Remember for proper security; you need to do a 24/7 recording for the whole year!

The necessity of a digital recording is ideal since hiring personnel to do the actual recording during an occurrence is not possible. Besides, the DVD Hard Drive also has a larger capacity that can accommodate huge files.

Therefore, DVR Hard Drive is the best to consider for use with the surveillance camera.

Remote viewing

Technological advancement has equally reshaped the field of home security.

Initially, the surveillance footage had to be retrieved manually and showed on suitable devices like computers. However, the up in technology has led to the creation of apps and interfaces that now allows for viewing the footage remotely via a Smartphone or PC. The approach also provides crucial home security camera system.

For now, it is not a must to be physically at the location of the surveillance camera to view the footage, but you can rather watch wherever you are.

Good Night vision

Since it is normal that most crimes and burglary activities happen at night, it is useless to install a camera that only performs well when there is enough light.

There is a need to install a surveillance camera with a powerful infrared night vision capability. Even while doing so, it is not just about choosing any night vision camera but choosing the one with the best quality picture even in the darkness.

Motion Activation

This is a super-feature that most modern surveillance cameras have. With the motion activation option, the camera would start recording immediately a motion is detected.

This feature is regarded as a wonderful and excellent feature given the many merits associated with it. Of all the advantages, the prime one is the saving of the disc space. With this feature, your camera will not record unnecessary footage that has any use for your security purposes.

However, most of the cameras with this feature have the on/off for this option where you can disable it so that the camera can record everything.

The Best Picks of Home Security Camera System with higher ratings

5. GW Security 8 Channel HD 2.0MP 1080P HD-CVI

Security 8 Channel HD 2.0MP 1080P HD-CVI system is among the best cameras with excellent picture quality.

It is made in a way that it performs best both as indoor and outdoor surveillance. Given that it has super resolution and excellent range makes it the perfect choice for the quality oriented buyers.

Installation is also an easy task that involves minor easy-to-follow procedures. What more? The unit is tried and tested to be of good quality; hence, you will never regret having it in your premises. It never disappoints.

Important features of this system

  • Remote Viewing: The system has the remote viewing feature built in the new technology that would enable you to access the system anytime anywhere via PC or mobile devices.
  • Super Cameras: The system has high-definition cameras with 2.0 MP and 1080P HD video which is approximately 500% higher than the resolution for the standard analog CCTV cameras and DVRs.
  • Anti-Interference: This system has a low-frequency modulation technology that enhances reduction of interference. It, therefore, gives the best and stale video footage free from all manner of interference.
  • Long-distance Transmission: HD-CVI has a great long transmission range that exceeds the Analog Cameras by more than 700 feet. The system has a range of 1,000 feet and uses RG59 coaxial cable. The cable also acts as picture distortion suppressor and ensures quality and clear pictures.



  • Provides real-time HD pictures
  • Vandal Proof and Weatherproof
  • Has a one- year warranty
  • Has a huge memory that can record up to 200 days
  • Easy to install
  • Does not require too much care
  • Durable
  • Has night vision quality


  • The software has been an issue with some customers

4. Funlux® 8 CH Full 960H Security DVR System with 8 High-Resolution IR-Cut Day Night Home Surveillance Camera

Funlux® 8 CH Full 960H Surveillance Camera appears in this list owing to its best features, good reviews, and great feedback from the past users. It is among the best surveillance cameras in the market today and the most revered brands.

Besides its small size, the system has all that it takes to beat any other type of camera. It also has a night vision capability with clear pictures.

Important  features of this security camera

  • 700TVL Weatherproof Camera: It has a camera which is weatherproof and has a lens of 3.6 mm that offers a wide view angle and good picture quality. The camera has a great performance even in the dark given its 65ft IR night vision. The camera also has a built-in IR-Cut filter that provides a true color image that adds on to the clarity.
  • Remote Access: The system can be synchronized with a Smartphone or tablet for viewing of the pictures and videos recorded by the camera. The process is also an easy one that only requires the user to scan the given QR code in pairing the system and the phone.
  • Longer Recording: The system had a 1 terabyte (TB) hard drive that provides a holding capacity of 30 days continuous recording at medium resolution. The Western-Digital 1 TB hard drive is pre-installed and offers a good space for recording events.
  • Great accessories: By purchasing this unit, you will also get some geat accessories alongside the main system which includes a 60 feet video power cable, 12 V power supply for DVR,  12V/1500mA power supply cable, and a USB mouse. The accessories are original and durable.


  • Easy to install and
  • Small and compact  in size
  • It is weather proof
  • Can record up to 200 days with the pre-installed 1TB memory
  • It is also quite easy to use
  • Comes with  a two-year free warranty


  • No playback option for the recordings

3. Frontpoint Security System + Indoor Wireless Camera, Outdoor Surveillance Camera System with Mobile Control & Doorbell Camera

Front point security system has dual security cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance intact. It is also among the few systems that are fashionably designed.

Besides, monitoring and watching the footage recorded is easy through the use of the free app that enables the user to view the files anywhere anytime.

More features of this system:

  • Full monitoring service:  This system has a self-monitoring ability that ranks #2-10 which is further above most standard security systems. It has a full integration with the cameras to provide the best surveillance.
  • Live Footage via Smartphone:  After installing the system, the user can log in the app using the phone and watch the live recording. With this feature, you don’t need to visit the site to access the recording but rather do it at the comfort of your office or wherever you are. It is the best all-round camera system for average users but in case you need an advanced DIY self-monitoring camera then check the next product #2.



  • Integrated Security system and the cameras
  • Live customer support
  • Easy self-setup
  • Have additional add-ons
  • Usable both for day and night surveillance


  • Monitoring fee
  • Activation fee

2. Amcrest 960H Video Security System –Weatherproof Cameras 65ft IR LED Night Vision

Amcrest 960H Video Security System is both sturdy and waterproof apart from being a clear night vision pictures enabled. Even in the dark, the camera can record a distance object with high standard clarity.

Furthermore, it has an added feature of the availability of a backup system. It is among the most reviewed home security camera systems that have attracted the most feed backs from the customers.

The Best  features of this system

  • Day and night surveillance: As was highlighted earlier in this post, this is one of the must-have features for any good camera monitoring system. Amcrest 960H Video Security System has a combination of the best four high-resolution TVL cameras that offers the best picture quality even in the dark. It also has a 75mm lens that grants a wide angle view. The four infrared LED lights enhance the clarity further.
  • Huge memory: Its internal hard drive capacity is 3TB and can accommodate a 6 days continuous recording at a high definition resolution. Similarly, it can also record up to 30 days on a standard resolution.
  • Best Motion detection: The system has a programmable motion setting that you can custom to meet your desired alert requirements. The settings are superb, and you cannot receive false alerts that are mostly experienced with other systems. Its DVR buzzer is responsible for the detection of suspicion movements when set correctly.
  • Remote viewing: This is what qualifies the system to be categorized as a modern security system. It utilizes the modern technology of remote viewing whereby you can simply use your Smartphone to access the videos as recorded by the security cameras. Besides, it has the best user interface that comprises of easy-to-follow instructions.


  • Easy to install
  • Give clear pictures
  • Is affordable
  • Has Perfect  night vision
  • Long hours of recording
  • Made from heavy duty metals and has weatherproof cameras


  • None

1. Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System – 2 HD, 100% Wire Free Indoor/Outdoor Cameras with Night Vision

All the best features that qualify a home security camera system to be branded the best are found in Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System.

This is 100% wire-free system that provides HD quality with clear images!

The clarity is not only limited to daylight recording but also night recording. Besides recording the clips, the system sends you important alerts remotely to your phone or computer irrespective of where you are at that time. It encompasses a great design, convenient size that enhances great surveillance.

With this system, you are always sure of the best footage at all time.

The Best Features

  • Wire free: This system is 100% wire-free and only have magnetic mounts at any convenient angle without worrying about wiring. Being wire-free permits installation at any given place and any angle that suits the owner best.
  • Great night vision: The system has HD cameras that perform well both in the light and also in the dark. With this system, you are assured with the same clarity of images irrespective of the time of recording.
  • Weatherproof: The cameras are sturdy enough to withstand any adverse weather condition.

Home Security Camera System


  • Has HD picture quality
  • Appealing appearance
  • 100% wire free
  • Easy to set up and mount
  • Great night vision
  • Quick detection and notification for any motion alert
  • Longer recording and storage


  • There is no system to stop video when motion ends
  • Camera is always in sleep mode until triggered by a motion hence might take a bit long to commence recording.

Concluding advice on choice of the best Home Security Camera System

Safety of our homes is integral. Home security should be taken as serious as health safety and prevention of diseases. Choices of the the home security camera system should be based on factors discussed above. Choice of a home security camera system must factor the budget available, time of day of use, monitoring location and magnitude of the property to be monitored.

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