Home Fire Causes Plus Prevention Strategies

Home Fire Causes

Home fire causes are not unique!

When one talks about home security, apart from burglary, another thing that can impose insecurity to our homes is fire.

You have heard many a time that someone’s house burnt down entirely or partially. Why is home fire regarded as a security issue?

A recent report by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a total of 350,000 to 400,000 house fires occur in the US that results in a destruction of property worth $8 billion annually.

The statistics are as scary as they are not only in the US but also in other parts of the world.

If summed together, the total amount lost in the form of the property damaged in the events of home fires in the whole world can shock. This is the reason why one needs to understand the concept of house fires with lots of keenness.

Here are the home fire causes and prevention tips; some are natural causes whereas some come as a result of one’s fault.


According to the same report by the NFPA, of all the house fires recorded annually in the US, about 40% are linked to cooking as the cause.

Gas cylinders, stoves, and oven are the best examples of the gadgets that can create fire easily. Even though we need them in preparing our meals, they need to be handled with care to remain valid. If handled carelessly, the named cooking aids are as disastrous as a burglar.

The stove can explode, and the gas cylinder can explode too and cause a great fire that one cannot imagine.

Kids playing with fire

This is a key representation of home fire causes. It has never been established why kids like playing with fire, however, the flame is always impressive to kids and the do liken it to a sweet flowers.

Striking the matchbox also seems an interesting experience because to them, they see it like they can make fire. This cause is among the worst given that the children do play with the matches when an elderly person is not around.

However, it is preventable if only the parents can become more responsible and do what needs to be done to prevent fires that can be caused by kids. More on the prevention tips are contained in the prevention tips section of this paper as you read forth.


As one smokes, the ashes that come off the cigarette is in real sense fire and is too hot to cause damage. You had sometimes seen back when a smoker jumps simply because the ash dropped on his chest because he fell asleep with the cigarette in his mouth.

What if the same ash drops on a piece of nylon cloth?

What is expected is a big fire. On the same note, some smokers have the habit of dropping the remaining piece of the cigarette carelessly without putting off the fire. This can be very dangerous especially on a windy day and can be home fire cause. It has can lead to a significant and uncontrollable fire.


Why is it that most houses that have ever burnt are reported to have burnt during winter? During winter, the need to heat the house becomes a necessity for one to cope with the freezing temperature.

This would call for a home heater, which can later become the source of the house fire if not handled properly.

The primary cause of fire arising from home heaters is faulty connections for the electrical heaters and poorly maintained furnace.  Even though their use is of great importance, they can equally cause a big trouble when they become the source of house fires.

Electricity and Electronics

I know that you have ever heard of a power surge, overload, and electrical related terms. Those big terms are just equivalent to trouble, and whenever one hear of them, the first thing that rings in mind is the danger.

How often do you engage a professional electrician to conduct a wiring maintenance service?

It is good to know that a wiring fault can cause great damage to your house and property within a few minutes.

Similarly, those who have the tendency of leaving the electronics on while going for a walk are endangered too. You will never be sure when the fuse in the home theater system power cord would blow off.  You need to see the security tip based on how to handle the electronics especially while not in the house.


A flaming candle, a table cloth, and some wind can bring the whole house down within minutes. People use candles for various reasons such as setting the mood or just to get the romantic atmosphere.

Besides, to some, it is the cheapest source of light or the best alternative during a power outage.

This is the easiest cause of the fire that is easy to deal with. Remember that if you fall asleep before the candle off then you have already set up a dangerous environment in the house. For candles, blowing it off is the only remedy, and it takes just a second.

However, ignorance can follow its cause and make you a sad person and appear idiotic before people just because of a cheap candle.


The fireplace is great for their use; however, it is fire, and you know what fire can do. Improper servicing of the fireplace and unattended fireplace can impose a great danger to your house. This has a potential of being a home fires causes recipe.

For those who have developed the habit of cooking on the fireplace, you need to know that you are endangering yourself, the house, and your belongings since you are moving closer to house fires.


Dryers have become a necessity in the laundry section. However, some small percentage of home fire causes have been associated with the use of dryers. The cause of fire through this gadget can be attributed to faulty connections or faulty machine.

Another reason can be the user’s ignorance while handling the machine. In fact, dryers should be considered as part of the highly flammables a home. To handle home fires causes effectively, everyone has to take extreme care.

Flammables in the House

A house that has leftovers of the highly flammable products is at significant risk.

It is a fact that it may not be easy to do away with the flammables completely, but something can be done. One needs to be very careful with where the flammables are kept and how they are kept.

Never bring them anywhere near source of fire for safety reasons. However, the ones that are no longer in use should be disposed off completely.

Christmas Trees

Attempts to enjoy Christmas can also create invite an instrument associated with home fire causes!

I know that it makes you feel the reality of the Christmas season as it sets the mood right for you.

However, it is a source of danger- the Christmas tree, actually the natural one. You always see them wrapped with an electrical cable with Christmas colors colored bulbs. Yes, it creates the mood but remember that the longer it says the riskiest it becomes.

When the Christmas tree becomes dry, it should be disposed of because if the electrical cable is still wrapped around it, it becomes a ready source of fire. As it gets dry, the chances of it catching fire increases.

Best Home Fires Causes Prevention Tips

Whenever a house fire occurs, the owners of the house would face difficult moments.

Besides losing of property, house fires can also lead to deaths or serious injuries to the occupants of the house especially if it occurs at night when people are asleep. With this in mind, it ‘s nice to know that the nest thing to do is to act on the prevention measures.

Therefore, prevention of the fire is paramount and is the bets tip for safety. In so doing the following are some of the factors that can minimize the occurrence of house fires.

Install and Maintain Fire Extinguishers

Sometimes a small fire can extend and become something disastrous just because there was no gadget to use to put off the fire. A fire extinguisher is one of the necessities in the house in so far as the safety against fire is concerned.

With a fire extinguisher, you can easily manage and put off the fire before is spreads. Remember that all fires start small and can be put off altogether using a fire extinguisher.

On the maintenance, it is advisable to consider the date of expiry and ensure that you replace the extinguisher if its expiry is overdue.

Most people do allow ignorance to play a role in missing to do some basics like replacing an expired fire extinguisher.

Install, Test, and Maintain Smoke Alarms

After installing and testing the smoke alarms, you need to ensure that they are functioning properly. You need to carry out the recommended maintenance just to make sure that everything is intact. It can be so shameful if a house goes on fire and the alarm system or smoke detector is quiet.

You, therefore, need to be very keen and give safety the top priority and ensure that the system is maintained. For the smoke detectors and alarm system that uses battery, it is advisable to replace the batteries as soon as they get used up.

Maintain your Heating Sources

Of course, heat is essential for warming your body during cold weather. However, the main point is how well do you manage your heating sources?

Whether you are using a fireplace, a furnace, or a space heater, you need to ensure that their use does not turn to become disastrous. You need to clean and change the filters for furnaces and duct as the first safety tip.

Similarly, for the space heaters, it is advisable to use them within a safe distance away from the flammable items.

Furthermore, their power chords should be intact in the perfect condition. Besides, you need to be careful with the source of fire in your fireplace regarding fuel. An example is some wood that pops excessively and broadcast pillars of fire lime cedar do.

Stick Around when Cooking

Unattended cooking is one of the leading home fire causes originating from the kitchen.

What do you expect to happen if the water that you placed in a cooking pot has evaporated all and the pot is still on fire, and you are busy washing clothes outside?

The heated pot would burst red hot and lit any flammable material around, and that is how the fire would start. Therefore, it is recommended that while cooking, you should be as close as possible to the cooking area.

No smoking in bed!

You will never be sure when your eyelids would close to permit the sweet sleep to take control over you. Prevention of home fire causes is dependent on your lifestyle operations……………..

What if you fall asleep while smoking and the Cigarette is still glowing red?

If that happen, then you are counted half dead especially if you are alone in that house. Once the fire gets into contact with your bedding, the house will go on fire anytime without warning.

Therefore, avoid smoking while lying on the bed whether during the day or at night. The best thing to do in case you must smoke then do it while standing.

Inspect your electronics and gas Cookers frequently

For home fire causes prevention purposes, regular inspection of the necessary gadgets is paramount. The electrical gadgets such as fridges, dryers, washers, and so on need a regular inspection to ensure they are not faulty.

It is only through inspection that one can be certain that the electronics are in good condition and home fire causes are totally prevented.

During inspection, anything that is found not in order should be dealt with as soon as possible. For instance, loose screws should be tightened, burnt off fuse should be replaced and much more issues that are pre-determinants of home fire causes.

If you walk into the kitchen and get a strong gas odor, you need to act immediately by inspecting the gas cylinder and the cooker to ensure there is no leakage and open the doors and windows for the gas to escape before lighting any fire in the house.


If you have ever witnessed an occurrence of house fire and also saw how it leaves people desperate, then you can wish for a permanent solution. However, the best solution lies on one’s hands and only requires commitment, consistency, and proper use of fire. Home fire causes are attributed to carelessness and ignorance. Maintain safety, be safe and say no to house fires.

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