Security Door Locks Types Reviews

Why do we need to understand Security Door Locks Types?

Is there any other more important thing than your safety?

Security is the top concern for many people, corporate, organizations, countries, and much more. Security has since become the top priority agenda in any meeting. For the same, security should be equally a top priority in your home. The type of door lock that you are using is the first determinant of your level of security.

To most people, the best door lock is determined by the cost or affordability, style, and finish without considering the security level that the lock would offer.

In selecting security door locks types, you need to put into consideration some of the determining factors. The first factor to consider is the positioning of the door, whether it is an interior or exterior door. It is important to note that each type of door requires a different type of lock.

For instance, you cannot fix a lock meant for a bathroom door on the main entrance exterior door. However, that aside, here is the detailed information concerning the various types of security door locks.

The ANSI Grading System Security Door Locks Types

Grade 1 – Best

Grade 1 is considered the best and has to meet the commercial requirements. The same type exists for residential use through deadbolts.

Grade 1 is the commercial lever handlers only. Therefore, the standard knobs, mortise locksets, and handlesets cannot be ranked as grade 1.


  • The knob must be able to withstand 800,000 cycles, 360-pound weight, and 6 door strikes
  • The deadbolt in this category mus withstand 250,000 cycles and have 10 door strikes

Grade 2 – Better

The grade 2 door locks are in the better category and must meet the light commercial building requirements. They must, therefore, exceed the standard residential building and security requirements. They must possess the following features:


  • Knobs have to withstand 400,000 cycles, 250-pound weight , and 4 door strikes
  • The Deadbolts in this category must withstand 150,000 cycles alongside 5 door strikes

Grade 3 – Good

The grade 3 door locks meet the residential building requirements hence provides minimal residential security.


  • Knobs must be able to withstand 200,000 cycles, 150 pounds weight, and 2 door strikes
  • Deadbolts have to  withstand 100,000 cycles and 2 door strikes


security door locks types categorized into six categories depending on the grade, features, and specifications. Let us analyze each category and have a look at an example of the door lock in each category. The six types include Deadbolts, Entry Locksets, Keyless, Mortise Locks, New Technologies, Security Extras


Deadbolt is a famous brand for residential doors. The name dead arises as a result of lack of springs in the locks. Deadbolt locks are further categorized into single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolts. A single-cylinder operates on a turn button on the inside and a key on the outside.

This implies that anyone coming in must have a key whereas someone going out must not necessarily have a key to open but just use the turn button. On the other hand, the double-cylinder operates on a key both from inside and outside. Most people prefer the single-cylinder since it can be tough to unlock the door in case of emergency and the key might not be available or missing.

The Best  Deadbolt  Door Locks

1. Kwikset Double Cylinder Deadbolt – ANSI Grade 1

Kwikset Deadbolt is a double-cylinder deadbolt that features a Smart key cylinder that enhances an easy re-keying. Being a double-cylinder, it is operated by keys from both sides- inside and outside.

This door lock also has a latch and a deadbolt that can fit all the standard doors preparations. It is one of the deadbolt door locks that have attracted some of the best consumer ratings and good feedback on amazon. It is, therefore, the best for exterior doors for a residential house.

Security Door Locks Types

2. Baldwin Single Cylinder Deadbolt – ANSI Grade 2

This is one of the best selection from the Baldwin Prestige collection.

It is a single-cylinder deadbolt but can be paired with several knobs. Its construction is purely solid zinc construction and a SmartKey re-key technology too.

It has also received higher ranking from the past users owing to its super features. It is most recommended for exterior doors that require keyed entry. What more? It has a stainless steel side locking bar that is a complete replacement of the traditional pin and tumbler design known to be prone lock-bumping attacks.

Security Door Locks Types

Entry Lock sets/Handle sets

Lock sets and handle sets are the known medium security entrance door locks that are always combined with deadbolts. The lock comprises of two doorknobs that lock the door from both inside and outside.

The inside knob locks the door by depressing a certain small button that would require unlocking using a key from the outside. The handle set purely decorates the exterior door handle.

The Best  Entry Lockset Door Locks

1. Kwikset Tavaris Single Cylinder Handleset

Kwikset Tavaris is a single cylinder handset door lock as the name suggests. It is lockable by key from outside or by the knob from inside. Its interior hand lever is fully reversible to fit either right-handed or left-handed door. Furthermore, it features a Smart re-keying technology.

This lock offers the best step-up to designer style without compromising the superior security system. It is the face of the modern sleek and stylish levers in the current markets. Furthermore, the re-key technology gives you the opportunity to control who to access your home.

Do you love a great finish?

Kwikset Tavaris Single Cylinder Handle set has a crisp, clean Satin Nickel finish that brings that wonderful appearance on your door.

Security Door Locks Types

2. Kwikset 992 Juno Entry Knob and Double Cylinder

This is a combo pack that provides dual-locking points. It is locked and unlocked from inside and outside. It also features a re-key technology like the other best locks. Being a double-cylinder lock, it is the best for use on doors that are in close proximity to the window.

Its fully adjustable latch is also intact and offers the best performance as expected. Its design can also be termed as universal given that it easily blends perfectly with most of other designs. It is just a great product to consider for your home security door lock system.

Security Door Locks Types


In case you need an advanced door lock technology then you can go for the keyless locks. They offer advanced security and convenience through anti-theft rolling code that can be set to detect and alarm when an incorrect code is keyed thrice consecutively.

The key-less system is also convenient given that you don’t need to carry the key with you each time you want to get in or out of the house. It is even better if you get the ones that are compatible with other home security systems like doorbell cameras and garage openers.

The Best Keyless Door Locks

1. Kwikset 99140-002 SmartCode

The SmartCode touchpad electronic deadbolt is a top notch battery operated, modern key-less door lock. It is a wireless system that is easy to install and operated. Furthermore, it is designed with anti-lock bumping courtesy of its patented side locking bar technology for the improvement of security.

On the same, it also has a back-lit keypad that enhances proper visibility needed when keying in the codes especially when it is dark. It operates on 4 AA batteries which are easy to install too. Besides, it has a customization auto door locking with 30 seconds preset lock waiting. This gadget will just give you a peace of mind.

Security Door Locks Types

2. Schlage Connect BE469NX CAM 619 Touchscreen Deadbolt with alarm

The Schlage Camelot has is designed in a standard lock design to fit most residential doors. It has a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen that protects the screen against fingerprints and smudges to prevent the patterns impressions from remaining on the screen.

It also has a motorized tapered bolt that unlocks and locks automatically when a user inputs the correct and recognized code. Besides, it also entails an auto-lock feature that locks the door within 30 seconds if you forget to lock it behind you.

It has added security regarding an alarm system that detects movements in front of the door and alerts the relevant person via an audible sound.

Best Features

  • Touch Screen keypad and lock cylinder are all situated on exterior
  • Thumb turn situated in the interior
  • Stores up to 30 personalized user codes
  • Has a built-in alarm with 3 alert settings
  • Has Z-Wave technology that facilitates its integration with other electronics
  • Battery operated
  • Fits standard door prep perfectly
  • Has a Durable and Resistive Touchscreen with matte finish

Security Door Locks Types

Mortise Locks

Do you need something that will give you more peace of mind and convenience? Mortise locks would serve the purpose. These are the type of locks that are commonly used on residential that includes storm doors.

The lock-set comprises a flat and rectangular box that fits easily into a recess within the door especially from the edge. The lock also has two face-plates with keyhole and knobs. It has a latch that operates on either side except in a case where the outside knob is locked. In such a situation, the deadbolt would operate by a complete 90 degrees turn of the inside knob.

The Best Mortise Locks

1. Prime-Line Products E 2293 Mortise Lock Set

Prime-Line Products E 2293 Mortise Lock Set is a stylish design with a steel construction. Its steel construction and the polished bar finish gives it a perfect appearance for your door décor. Its lock bolt can be activated by a key from both inside and outside.  The latch is reversible too and can be used for both right and left-hand installation.

Best Features

  • Reversible latch for left and right-hand use
  • Steel case
  • May be used for left or right-hand installation
  • Steel case
  • Standard skeleton key slot
  • Both sides key activation

Security Door Locks Types


Crafted from solid brass inside and out, this lockset features a curved lever handle. The set includes a built-in deadbolt lock and is direct replacement hardware for most mortise-style storm door locks. It has great reviews from customers.

This product is among the best by Wright Company. It features a crafted solid brass both inside and out and a curved handle. The set comprises of a built-in deadbolt lock which is a directly replaceable hardware for many mortise door locks. Its great features and durability are the main reasons behind its great reviews and ratings by many customers who bought it.

Special features

  • Imported
  • Keyed screen
  • Fits out-swinging metal storms
  • Replaces most mortise style locks

Security Door Locks Types

New Lock Technologies

The technological advancement is taking all fields in a storm with digital devices overtaking their various analog counterparts constantly. The security door locks in our homes are also taking a new phase technologically. Recent innovation saw the coming of Bluetooth-enabled deadbolts and the fingerprint scanners are slowly finding their way into the market.

As if that is not enough, another Company called Goji has also come up with a smart door lock with a built-in camera. The camera captures the image of anyone activating the lock and also sends the image in real time. The same image is then sent to the mobile phone of the relevant person(s).

This is essential in providing a real proof and confirmation of the person who accessed your house, whether wanted or an unwanted guest. The Goji technology is the latest state-of-art door lock technology engineered towards maximum security and performance.

The Best New Lock Technology Key Locks

1. Kwikset Kevo touch-to-Open  (1st Gen) Bluetooth Smart Lock in Satin Nickel

The Kwikset Kevo utilizes the use of android device and iPhone as the key. This comprises of a fob for a touch-to-open option that enables you to open the lock without a smartphone still.

Furthermore, the mobile app, when activated, sends the notification about the lock activities so that you can manage the lock. Besides, this system permits you to share e-Keys with friends and family members. Security against lock picking and bumping has been taken care of with this system courtesy of the Smart-Key system.

Security Door Locks Types

2. iTouchless Stainless Steel Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock

With the fingerprint technology at the increase, you can no longer worry about your kids and family members losing the key and finding it difficult to get in the home or house. What you need is iTouchless Stainless Steel Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock that would give you a peace of mine.

This door lock system encompasses the latest biometric fingerprint technology. It has up to 150 fingerprints storage capacity that enable you to save each of your family members’ fingerprints for access independently.

It is battery powered through 4 AA batteries type to ensure that it operates even when there is power blackout unlike in the case of DC plug-gable models. Besides the fingerprint, it also permits the use of a passcode; therefore, a combination of the two means additional security.

Best Features

  • Has accessory handle for right swing doors
  • Accommodates Up to 150 fingerprint users
  • Allows up to 78 Pass code code users
  • Have 2 backup keys
  • Has a low battery warning aler
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