Home Security Tips:Guidelines and Practical Actions

Why do you Need to Understand the Best Home Security Tips?

The best home security tips have saved many lives.

How safe is your home?

Do you always feel at ease that your family is always safe even when you are away from home?

Those are some of the questions that you need to attend to so as to be sure that for sure you and your family are safe. You need to be sure that your family feels safe and protected as they create the memories of the best home they ever had.

However, an act of burglary may compromise the feeling of safeness and security to the family members making them live in fear. It is sorrowful to feel insecure in your own home; hence the need to prevent such occurrences by all means. Have this opportunity to learn the best home security tips that are not only affordable but also reliable.

Recent research by the Anti-crime police unit in the USA, 2016, indicates that in 2012 alone, over two million burglaries were reported.

On the same note, the report implies that the security level is compromised by most homeowners who give the burglars easy time for conducting the crimes. The safety of one’s home, therefore, begins from outside the gate to the inside compound.

When it comes to security issues, the term “prevention is better than cure” applies. The following are some of the tips for ensuring that your home is burglar-free.

1. Don’t Provide Hiding Places for Thieves

Do you have bushes around your home?

Do you have tall trees with branches protruding through the fence?

You should trim all the bushes and trees that may provide homage for burglars. Thieves and burglars also utilize darkness to break into the house unnoticed. Therefore, consider installing lights in your home including all the possible hidden possible hiding points.

While installing the lights, you can decide to appreciate the current technology by installing motion-detector lights that only lights up when a motion is detected. This will help in conservation of energy and also not be inconveniencing to the neighbors. Proper lighting of your home is one of the best home security tips.


2. Never Disclose Your Absence to Suspicious People

Whenever you have the plan for going on a vacation, never publicize the information.

The society today is a sharing society. When you friend will be informing another friend about your planned absence from home, the news can fall in the ears of a wrong person.

Whenever a thief receives such information, which is confidential according to him, he would embark on the master plan of breaking in your home once you are gone.

Maintaining the privacy of your absence at home means even being careful with the social media posts and updates.

Just by posting that “Switzerland here I come, ” and you are from Brazil, makes the thieves nervous!!!!!!!!

In case you feel the necessity to share your travel details, kindly reserve the pictures and posts till when you are back home. Making your absence from home public news acts as an alert to the thieves that the home is empty and they will make the house empty too.

Besides reserving the information, it is equally better to have a trusted friend take care of the home while you are away. Similarly, you can utilize timer-enabled lights that light up at dusk and goes off at dawn. These are among the best tips for enhancing your home security.

3. Keep Your Yard Clean and Free from Tools and Objects

A thief would first try to create a route to the intended destination be it in the house or office.

This can be breaking of the window or door. Most of the time, they normally use what is readily available tools in doing so. For instance, let us say that an axe is left beside the house, the thief would use that to accomplish is/her mission.

Therefore, it is advisable always to keep the yard clean. Clear all the broken tree branches after a heavy storm, store all the farm tools inside the storehouse, and ensuring the kids do not leave their toys outside. Obstacles free movement within the compound is one of the best home security tips!!!!!!!!

Another mistake to avoid is leaving a ladder outside the house. A ladder is the best things that a thief would wish to find everywhere he goes since the ladder can be used to access the higher windows.

You need to set precautions for all the farm tools by locking them up when not in use.

4. Install a Home Alarm System

Even though an alarm system may not physically prevent burglars from breaking into your home, it can scare them away.

With this, it can deter the action fully or limit the amount of the things that the burglars can carry away since the police can get to the scene very fast. You actually need to remember to engage the alarm system or else it may fail to work as expected in the case of such occurrences like burglary or theft.

Furthermore, you can consider applying for insurance alongside the installation of the alarm system so that in case the burglars carry away some things then you can get compensation.

Therefore, even though it is not an actual preventing block, an alarm system can still save you a great deal in an occurrence of burglary.

5. Take Precautions to Always Protect the Windows

Most burglars use windows as the main entry point in accessing the house. Therefore, it is recommended to go for shatterproof windows while purchasing windows.

Similarly, in case you are not planning to purchase new windows, you can as well consider upgrading the existing windows by adding the security films to the windows. By doing this, you will have enhanced your window not to shatter even when broken. When that happens, it can deter the thieves from proceeding with their mission.

Besides, if your budget is flexible enough, you can consider installing the burglar-proof windows like the ones in the banking halls for added security.

Burglar proof windows present a security tip hence is proven best home security tips…………..

6. Secure or Avoid Sliding Glass Doors

Many people prefer the sliding doors for their beauty and great appearance.

However, for security reasons, it is advisable not to have such doors in your home. In case you have no other option apart from that door or you had already installed it, you can consider securing it.

With a sliding door, it can be easy for a thief to pop in easily and instantly. For that reason, it is recommended that you install a security bar for the sliding doors that can make gaining access to the house a difficult task. This is the best safety measure for all sliding doors and windows for those who are safety-compliant.

7. Always Lock Doors and Windows

Whenever you are leaving, you must ensure that you lock all windows and doors behind you. Being careful with entry points into your house is one of the best home security tips.

After locking, you need to confirm physically by pulling to ensure that they are really shut.

How many times have you ever realized that you never locked the door at night when it is already morning?

However, sometimes the weather might force you to leave the windows open for you to have a comfortable sleep free from sweat. In such a situation, you need to install some window locks that permit a slight opening of a few inches that only lets in the breeze.

Given that the thieves are always among us and around us, leaving the door open even if you are visiting a friend staying 10 meters away from your home is risky.

Even though the thief might not take away something with him that day, he can have the opportunity to survey your home and plan a mega of breaking in. You should never give them such an easy time to conduct a pre-burglary visit. According to recent FBI report on the rate of burglary in the US, it has been found that almost 70% of robbery activities originate from people closer to the affected.

8. Change the Locks Regularly

This point may seem irrelevant and not practical to most people. However, if you calculate the cost of replacing the door key locks twice in a year against the loss you would undergo in the event of a burglary, then it makes sense.

Changing of the key locks minimizes chances of someone with an exact copy of your keys getting access to your house when you are away from home. You are never aware how many exact copies of your door keys are out there. You are not even sure what the neighbor who picked your keys along the path and returned did before returning the key to you.

Given that we are talking about security measures, some of the tips like changing of the locks must be considered however much irrelevant it appears.

9. Remain Vigilant Whenever you are Leaving or Arriving Home

Most attacks have been reported to have occurred when one is either coming in the home or leaving the home.

It is therefore, very important for one to be very vigilant when coming home or leaving home. You have to reduce the chances of facing an ambush by burglars when coming or leaving home.

The first thing that you have to do is to be aware of the surrounding and bring done all the possible hideout for thieves. You must be keen with the hiding places for the thieves that include behind the bushes, fences, trees, balconies, and grass. If possible, bring down the hiding places or find other ways of making the places safe.

You also need to increase the field of view of your surrounding, especially at night. That calls for equipping your home with security lights. Additionally, a system that works upon motion detection is the best for scaring away the bad guys.

You now know how the bad guys can hide and pull you out of your car while just leaving for work or from work.

10. Never Answer the Door to a Stranger

Dating back to the days when we were kids, we could be told never to open the door to a stranger. However, when we became adults, we forgot that and started opening the doors to strangers with an assumption that they are good people or because of our politeness. Answering the door with proof of the guest is one of the best home security tips. Failure to follow the rule may expose you to attackers….

You need to understand that such a person can be a spy burglar who has come to survey the house. It is never a wise decision to open the door for strangers.

Criminals are brilliant people and they will come to you in a disguised way that you can never talk against their innocence. You need to BEWARE and say no to a stranger’s call to open the door.

This is where a peephole or doorbell cameras plays the major role whereby you can speak to the stranger without coming near or opening for the stranger. OnGARD wireless surveillance system is also of significantly important in enhancing the home’s security.


11. Proper Fencing

Different people prefer different fencing technique and design. The most common types of fencing include barbed wire, live fence, and the perimeter wall. Of all the three, perimeter wall is the best fencing technique for home security purposes.

The perimeter wall should be tall enough and also reinforced with modern electric barbed wire at the top of the wall. With a block fence, you have kept away the thugs from getting into your home physically and also prevent them from spying the home from a distance.

Even after putting up the best block and electric fence, you still need to go one extra step. You also need to consider hiring security personnel who can man the gate, ensure all the lights are on at the right time, and able to go home comfortably after work.


Safety of the home is paramount, and a must do for all those who are homeowners who love their homes and families. The safety of the home and those who live in the home can only be enhanced through the tips named above. The security begins from the surrounding and extends to the inside of the home that can accommodate burglars. It is , therefore, a necessity to ensure that your home is safe just to boost the confidence of those at home. Therefore, the simplest thing to do is to adopt the right security system or methods for your home. You can either consider one of the discussed tips or even adopt a combination of more than one security tips for added security. These are the best home security tips that one should not fail to read.

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